Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Your Golf Checklist

At the beginning of every year, we tell ourselves "I am going to really practice hard this upcoming golf season," or "This year I am going to not get so angry on the golf course and just try to enjoy the game more," but it never fails ---- NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENS!  So this year, before you start playing regularly, whether its daily, weekly, or monthly, I want you to try and practice, preach, commit to the following:  #1. Vow to THOROUGHLY enjoy being at the golf course.  Make note of the beauty of the course, the sounds of the birds, the sun, the fresh air, etc.  For a lot of you, golf is your release from home and work, SO MAKE SURE YOU ENJOY PLAYING!  I promise a happier/clearer mindset is scientifically proven to improve your play.  #2. What you shoot does not determine what kind of golfer you are.  Too often, I hear guys say they can't break 50 for 9 holes and that they want lessons.  Once we get to the lesson tee, they strike the golf ball like someone that can break 40!  What does this tell me....?  DUDE, GET ON THE CHIPPING AND PUTTING GREEN!  Especially early in the year, evaluate your game on how you are hitting the ball, not by the score on your scorecard!  If you are still struggling, and need some help, you know how to get a hold of me.  #3.  Positive self-talk is an absolute MUST!  Golf can be a nasty game, so don't beat yourself up so much.  Someone pretty great once said, "Golf is a game played on a 5 inch course - the distance between your ears."  If you constantly tell yourself that you can't putt, you've already defeated yourself.  If you tell yourself you can't get it over the water, you probably can't.  If you tell yourself you screw up #7 every single time, you'll probably screw it up today.  WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF IS ULTIMATELY WHAT YOU BELIEVE --- WHAT YOUR MIND BELIEVES IS WHAT IS TRANSMITTED TO YOUR MUSCLES (aka YOUR SWING!).  Hey dummy, start trying to fool yourself into being good!  This will start working!  #4. Quit thinking so much and just rid yourself of tension on EVERY SHOT! (Ding, ding ding...WINNER!!!)  Thoughts cause doubt, doubts cause tension, tension causes swing flaws, swing flaws cause high scores, high scores make you say "I SUCK/I QUIT!" Tension is generally the number one reason individuals struggle.  They grip it too tight, they force the club to certain areas, and they decrease clubhead speed ALL BECAUSE OF TENSION!  It is a golf SWING, not a golf FORCE.  Tension = No Good ----- Loss of tension = Proper golf swing (most of the time).  Again, you must talk yourself out of being tense.  Breathe a little deeper and talk positively to get rid of tension.  #5. Please move up to the set of tees that fit your game!  There is nothing at all wrong with this!!!!  Contrary to public belief, this does not make you a girl!  Move up to where you have a good chance of hitting the green in regulation (1 shot on par 3s, 2 on par 4s, 3 on par 5s).  If you constantly have to hit woods, hybrids, or long irons after hitting your driver, MOVE UP!  I promise you will play better, have more fun, and you will be finally playing golf the way it is designed to be played!  MOVE UP!  Just try this for me for one month.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cleveland Golf Show + The MADDEST March Ever

If you've never been to a golf expo, you're missing out.  For some of you, they're boring, long, and our distorted expectations have us walking away wondering why in the world we went.  For others, it is a huge breath of fresh air --- being surrounded by thousands of other golf fanatics, viewing a lot of the newest equipment at unbeatable prices, believing that your next round is just around the corner.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of promoting our golf course up in Cleveland at the North Coast Golf Show.  For someone who wasn't thrilled about standing on his feet talking to strangers (that probably couldn't careless about what I was telling them) for about 30 hours in a weekend, it couldn't have been anymore fun!  Stand there unexcited and keep your potential guests at a distance and the weekend draws out for what feels like months ---- get them involved and participating and your booth becomes the place where everyone flocks.  Set up a free putt for a chance to spin a wheel full of great giveaways and you totally steal the show! ....(Next year we're putting up a huge Lebron dartboard so everyone can fire darts at him!)  Not only was this the perfect way to gain the trust of those we were targeting, but it presented a perfect picture of what we're trying to do with golf at our facility, and that is to use our "out of the box" thinking to grow the game.  Whether it was witnessing a woman jump up and down when she made our tricky little 6-footer, or seeing the 12 year-old boy whose never played before fist pump with joy after pouring it in, we accomplished what we were trying to do and that was portray our excitement about what we have to offer. ----------- Along with our innovative golf events, we're excited about giving YOU the opportunity to experience the MADDEST March Maddness in history!  A few of the events included will be a St. Patrick's Day "Pot of Luck" Pot Game, a one-of-a-kind NCAA "SWAP" Bracket Tournament, an ELITE 8 FREE THROW Contest, plus a national championship party in the clubhouse.  Our "SWAP" Bracket Tournament will work like this:  Once the tourney is down to the final 32 teams, participants will fill out their brackets.  Upon turning in their brackets (or on St. Patrick's Day during "Pot of Luck" Golf), we will present the opportunity to shoot free throws.  Each made free throw will result in a "SWAP", which is a fix/change to your bracket.  Wins will be added up at the end and a winner will be determined!  All (100 percent) money from bracket entries, as well as all free throw money, will be paid back out.  This will be a very unique series of events, and possibly the ONLY time you will ever be able to "fix" your bracket after the tournament has started!  ------- Follow me on Facebook!  Thanks again for the e-mails, comments, and for reading...!


Friday, February 10, 2012


Wanted to say thank you to those who sent me video of their golf swings.... I saw some great things!  It was easy to see how most of you have a lot of potential to play some good golf, and on the other side of things, was easy to see why some of you really struggle at times.  Thats part of the game, and thats what we all love so much about it...!  I believe some of the drills I prescribed will ultimately improve consistency and should begin lowering your scores.  While reading the other night, I stumbled upon a great little paragraph that ALL of us should pay attention to:  "Your golf experience is an ongoing process.  It's not a destination at which you arrive but a road upon which you travel.  You must be constantly engaged, from round to round, from hole to hole, from shot to shot... (Play Your Best Golf Now)."  I love this little piece of information for many, many reasons.  Number one, this couldn't be anymore spot on....Golf cannot EVER be conquered, for it is a game that we should always be chasing.  Once you've played your best round ever, you try and figure out how to best that score.  If you are a competitor, it is a never ending task.  Number two, it is a lot like life.  Life is a process that is constantly changing and always ongoing.  It changes from stage to stage, year to year, day to day.  As cliche as it sounds, the moment we sit still is the moment we begin to get passed by!  Keep plugging away at your game, for something good is right around the corner.  -------- Also, check out our new website at http://www.chapelhillgolfcourse.com/.  If you get the chance, PLEASE feel free to leave us comments about it on Facebook or on the site.  We'd love to know what you think about it.  Starting with MARCH MADNESS BASKETBALL and St. Patrick's Day, we have something very exciting for members, guests, high handicappers, low handicappers, men, women, etc. so be ready.  We're bringing in a basketball hoop, letting you shoot free throws to move up sets of tees, filling out tournament brackets, and even giving away CASH along with a TRIP TO HAWAII!  You won't believe what we've got planned!  Until next time....

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

We're back!

We just got back from the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL and it seems as though we brought some of the warm weather with us!  Overall, it was a GREAT week with lots of learning, golf, sunshine, meetings, seminars, etc. I understand the extent to which club companies and clothing companies develop new, innovative, and unique products, but WOW!  The products of 2012 are youthful and energetic to say the least.  The PGA of America unleashed a new "growing the game" strategy called Golf 2.0 (see this video)...and no, this is not a video game or any type of software like it's name portrays.  It is a philosophy designed to grow the game through improving the golfer's overall experience.  Key points include providing unique promotions, quicker rounds, "easier" golf courses, and OUTRAGEOUS customer service.  I like to think that has been my desire, and our goal at Chapel Hill the last few years, but this week has re-emphasized the need to pay strict attention to these details.  This year, we strive to be an ultimate CENTER OF HOSPITALITY to every individual that walks through our doors, whether they're there for a lesson, a round of golf, or just checking the place out.  If you ask for it, we'll do as much as we can to try and provide it for you. -------- In other news, how do you feel about Tiger's finish this past week on the European Tour?  Entering the final round tied for the lead, he struggled to hit greens in regulation and ended up finishing two shots back.  Although he played great the first three rounds, it is still concerning (from a viewer's standpoint) that he didn't close the deal.  I personally want to see him win because I think he is great for the game!  And then ohhh no, you've got Kyle Stanley, who had a 7 SHOT lead at one point during the final round of the PGA Tour event at Torrey Pines - but ended up losing in a playoff.  I feel terrible for this guy....holding a three shot lead going into 18, he made a triple bogey after hitting his third shot in the water.  For those of you that watched it, I would have talked him into going for the green on his second shot.  This basically would have ensured that he would make no worse than double bogey, but thats just my thought process.  Who knows what you're thinking in that position, if you are even thinking at all!  Just the beginning of what is going to be a fantastic season on Tour. ------- As an appreciation for reading my blog, I am going to do a free VIDEO ANALYSIS to the first 3 people that e-mail their swings in to me.  I will send a detailed email discussing posture, swing path and fundamentals, problems, and provide a few thoughts/drills to help you improve.  NOW IS THE TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT IMPROVING!  Send e-mails to anthonysavagesog@gmail.com and I will get back to you shortly!  Thanks again for reading.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

PGA Merchandise Show

Well, I am sitting at the airport waiting to board my plane down to Orlando, FL for the annual PGA Merchandise Show. I haven't been to many great expos in my life, but this has got to be one of the greatest things in golf! Not only is anything and everything associated with golf set up in these convention centers, but some of the great professionals are here as well...names such as Jim Furyk, Matt Kucher, Paula Creamer, Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, just to name a few. I look forward to this every year, not just for the great show, but for Orlando's PERFECT weather. I don't want to rub it in or anything, but 80 and sunny for the next 10 days isn't too shabby! Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to sharing more about the week when I return...We will network with other professionals about different ways to grow the game, as well as ways to make the learning and golfing experience more enjoyable! I will try to make sure I apply my sunscreen on evenly throughout the week! Thanks for reading and I will be back soon! Follow me on Facebook for future lesson giveaways and discounts. ------ Anthony

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Indoor Lessons!

Now that the snow is here for a few weeks/months, I have decided to offer some indoor lessons out at the golf course (VIDEO AVAILABLE!).  Winter is the BEST time to work on making changes because you can't play.  Too often when trying to make changes we get discouraged and give up because we aren't shooting great scores right away!  We have a large net set up inside with a nice mat to hit balls off of...and lets face it, we all need a little bit of off-season work!  Not only will this loosen up and strengthen our golf muscles, but it will make breaking into this upcoming season much easier.  It always takes a little longer than we desire to get the rust off come springtime.  Why not be ready when the weather breaks?  Don't really believe hitting balls indoors or off mats is very beneficial?  Try to tell that to Steve Stricker, who lives in Wisconsin from mid-November thru early January.  He generally hits balls from a heated stall, does his physical workouts, and refines his short game...and doesn't play until about 10 days before his opening tournament!  Seems to work for him, as he just won the season opener in Hawaii by 3 shots! ------ If you aren't able to do anything golf related right now, I believe you can get better just by watching the guys on Tour play and by listening to what the golf commentators talk about.  Pay attention to what they say and you'll start to understand the game a little bit more.  After 36 holes, Matt Every is leading the Sony Open after a second round 64.  I just played in a tournament (The 51st Rivieria Open) at the beginning of December in which Every and I were both participants in.  Needless to say, he waxed me in the two-day event... my two rounds of 76-74=150 didn't quite compare to his 64-64=128 total!  This guy is someone you probably haven't heard of, but believe me, you are going to be hearing a lot about him over the next few years!  To me, it is always fun to test yourself against some of the best players in the world, and thats what I had the opportunity to do. ------ If you are interested in more info about some indoor lessons, feel free to e-mail me at anthonysavagesog@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.  In the next few days, I will be accepting your swing videos via e-mail.  After you have sent me a video of your golf swing, I will be able to break it down, analyze it, and have a plan for improvement.  After my analysis, you will receive a detailed email with my findings and recommendations for moving forward!  This will be an extremely efficient and convenient way to improve!  Again, thanks for reading and for all of the kind messages.


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Swinging into 2012 & FREE Video Analysis!

Well we are back at it and excited for how 2012 has started. With the PGA TOUR kicking off their season this week, we can look forward to some exciting weekend finishes! With all the talk about the youngsters of the game taking over, I look for the veterans to have a huge year. As we all know, Tiger is back and looks to play a full schedule...and I think he is about to shock the world of golf again! He's healthy, seems happy, had some late success in 2011, and well...he's Tiger Woods. I say at least 4 or 5 wins, including one major championship! I know one thing...the golf industry, without question, wants/needs him to be successful! Anyone else have any predictions? Out at the course this year I plan on running a little fantasy golf type tournament every week starting with the Masters. You will have the opportunity to pick 5 guys for the week. Of those 5, we will add the best 3 scores at the end of the week together and you will have a total. Top 3 finishers each week will win the prize money. Cost to enter will be somewhere between $3 and $5 weekly. This always adds a lot of excitement to the tournaments, and with the chance to win straight cash, there will be weeks that you are rooting HARD for your guys! ------ I am thrilled to announce that this year I will be offering video lessons with an iPad and V1 Golf software! With this software, I can get frame by frame video shots of your swing, draw lines and angles, as well as compare it side by side with PGA TOUR players. It is a tremendous benefit to be able to see your actual golf swing on video and I look for this to make the improving process more efficient! For more details visit www.v1golf.com. ------ I am going to be giving away a FREE V1 VIDEO ANALYSIS to the person that can predict this years Super Bowl winner! Leave your answer in this comments section or on my ANTHONY SAVAGE SCHOOL OF GOLF Facebook page. Along with the winning team, list how many TOTAL points the Super Bowl game will have (both teams combined). Closest to that number (can go over) will be used if more than one person predicts the winner correctly! Answers must be submitted before SATURDAY'S first round games! ------ Thanks again for reading and all the messages you've been sending! Blog again soon! Anthony